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Intelligent major race dominating the Imperium and several additional interstellar communities. Humans stand approximately 1.8 meters in height and weigh about 100 kilograms. Descended from omnivore gatherers, humans developed intelligence in response to shifting climatological factors.
The most unusual aspect of humaniti is the fact that humans are present on many different worlds and stand at various levels of development on those worlds. The Solomani Hypothesis states that Humans evolved on Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) and were scattered to many different worlds by the Ancients for reasons currently unknown. The result is that many different, parallel human races exist, and coexist throughout known space.

The three most widespread human races are the Solomani (humans from Terra), the Vilani (humans from Vland), and the Zhodani (humans from Zhodane). The other human races are either minor or variants.

The Solomani names derives from “Men of the Sol system.” It is generally acknowledged that Terra is the original homeworld of Humaniti and that they were spread amongst the stars thousands of years ago by the Ancients. This, and the ease of which the Solomani defeated the Vilani in the Interstellar Wars are cited as arguments for the supremacy of pureblood Solomani by the Solomani Supremacy movement. In truth very few human gene pools have diverged much and with much intermingling of Solomani and Vilani peoples during the Rule of Man it is almost impossible to distinguish between Solomani and Vilani (and some of the minor human races).

Abilities: none
Skills: none
Feats: none
Powers: none
Cost: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 + Feats 0 + Powers 0 = 0 points

The Vilani developed on Vland. They were the first race of Humaniti to invent the jump drive, and created the First Imperium. Like the Solomani, the Vilani designation can refer to a culture or a genetic heritage. However, Vilani are more likely than not to belong to both the cultural group and a clear bloodline. Pureblood Vilani are longer-lived than other humans, though this trait is rapidly diluted through interbreeding. Culturally, Vilani are traditionalists and are not at all fond of sudden
upheaval or change. The traditional guilds are important in Vilani society, and modes of dress have not changed in centuries.

Abilities: none
Skills: none
Feats: none
Powers: none
Cost: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 + Feats 0 + Powers 0 = 0 points

The Zhodani are a discrete, though interfertile, sub-species of Humaniti, independently descended from human stock transplanted by the Ancients. In general, they tend to be taller than Solomani or Vilani, and lithe of build. Averaging 2.0 meters in height and massing upwards of 90 kilograms, they tend to be swarthy in complexion and dark-haired. Their most important difference is the acceptance and use of Psionics. Zhodani nobles often wear a turban-like headdress which serves to accentuate their height. Human Major Race inhabiting the Zhodani Consulate, a region far spinward of the Imperium. The Zhodani Consulate rules a sphere approximately 70 parsecs in diameter immediately to corespinward of the Imperium, believed to include in excess of 80% of all racial Zhodani. The Zhodani are known for their high level of psionic ability and its formal integration into their society.

Abilities: none
Skills: none
Feats: none
Powers: none
Cost: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 + Feats 0 + Powers 0 = 0 points


The Aslan are a Major Race. Their proper name is Fteirle. Aslan stand roughly human-sized, averaging 2.0 meters in height and weighing about 100 kg. They are descended from four-limbed, upright, bipedal carnivore/pouncer stock originally adapted to a solitary arboreal existence.

The earliest Terran explorers saw in them a vague resemblance to the Terran lion, and they have been described (by Terrans) as lion-like ever since, although there is very little true similarity. The derivation of the word Aslan is unknown. There are two sexes, male and female. The most notable external difference is the increased size and mane of the former. Females outnumber males by 3:1. Aslan have a single highly specialized dewclaw under each thumb which folds back jackknife fashion into a horny covering in the base of the thumb and palm.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
Skills: Intimidate 4, Notice 4, Search 4.
Powers: leaping 1, Supersenses 3 (extended sight, low-light vision, scent), Strike 1 (concealable claws; mighty)
Abilities 4 + Skills 3 (12 ranks) + Feats 0 + Powers 8 = 15 points.

Droyne (Ancients)
Droyne are a Major Race inhabiting scattered worlds within an area slightly larger than the region of the current Third Imperium. The Droyne are a small race derived from winged herbivorous gatherers. They vary in size depending on caste but generally stand one meter tall (large workers and warriors can be larger than humans). The history of their evolution remains a puzzle because their home world is not known with certainty. Scholarship late in the Third Imperium confirmed that Droyne were the same race as the Ancients. Also the Chirpers, originally thought to be a separate race, have been identified as a Droyne that have reverted back to a primitive form.

Abilities: +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma
Powers: Shrinking 4 (Continuous; Permanent; Innate)
Cost: Abilities 0 + Skills + Feats + Powers 5 = points

Fex resemble humanoid terrestrial cats, with swift, graceful bodies, keen senses, and sharp claws. They have a short, downy coating of fur all over their bodies, ranging in color from a grey so dark it’s nearly black to a light, tawny shade. The hair on their heads (often called a “mane”) is thick and luxurious; the fur on their backs and lower legs also tends to be thicker.

Bipedal like Humans, Fex have bodies optimized for fast sprinting` rather than endurance running (they evolved from a hunting cat roughly similar to the cheetah of Earth, though they never have-spotted fur). Their feet and four fingered hands have large retractable claws, good for use not only as weapons, but to help with tasks like climbing. They have large, sharp teeth compared to Humans, but not large enough to qualify as “fangs.” Their large, sensitive eyes work well in low light.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
Skills: +4 acrobatics, +4 climb, +4 notice, +4 search
Powers: Leaping 1, Supersenses 3 (extended hearing, scent, tracking [scent]), Strike 1 (claws and fangs) (mighty).
Cost: Abilities 4 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 0 + Powers 6 = 14 points

Hivers are a Major Race with a large federation trailing the Imperium based on six-fold symmetry. Of all the major races they both appear and think the most “alien” to most humans. Despite their name Hivers actually have a highly individualistic society. They avoid where possible direct violence and war, preferring instead to work behind the scenes via all forms of covert manipulation.
Hivers average 1.5 meters from ground to top of upraised head and weigh about 150 kg. Descended from omnivore gatherer/scavenger stock, they are the most alien of the major races. Hivers exhibit a modified six-fold radial symmetry; the body has a calcareous internal skeleton consisting of a series of rings supporting the limbs and a fused carapace protecting the brain and internal organs.

Abilities: -2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, 2 Wisdom + 4 Charisma
Skills: 4 diplomacy, +4 bluff
Feats: none
Powers: 2 Extra Limbs, Immovable 2 (innate)
Weakness: Disability (common, minor) (difficulty manipulating objects made for Humans and –4 penalty to all rolls).
Cost: Abilities 0 + Skills 2
Feats + Powers 5 + Weakness -2= 5 points

Humanoid alien species conquered by the Thorgons. They are a nocturnal species, with short tails and skin that changes color in tune with their emotions.

Abilities: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
Skills: Diplomacy 4,
Feats: Attractive
Powers: Additional Limb 1 (tail) (Innate. Improved Grapple feat), Super-Senses 1 (Acute Hearing, Low Light Vision)
Weakness: Disability (change color (common, minor) (-4 on Bluff) -2
Cost: Abilities 4 + Skills 1 (4 ranks) Feats 1 + Powers 4 = 10 points.

K’kree are a race having 2 arms and 4 legs reminding humans somewhat of Centaurs. They are herd animals and rarely found alone. They are militant and often aggressive herbivores with a disdain for all meat eaters.

Abilities: +2 Constitution
Skills: none
Feats: none
Powers: Growth 2 (permanent, innate) Protection 2, Speed 2 Additional Limbs 2 (permanent, innate) (four legs)
Cost: Abilities 2 + Skills 0 + Feats 0 + Powers 13 = 15 points

A humanoid alien species with orange yellow skin and red stripes, and translucent orbs
for eyes. Bioengineered as a warrior species by their predecessor species, the Ergons, the Thorgons are militaristic, aggressive, and cold. They use genetic manipulation on themselves extensively in efforts to improve their genome.

The Thorgons govern their “Hegemony” in the fashion of a military bureaucracy – a Central Command Council (CCC) consisting of high-rank ing military chiefs, genetic planners, and economists makes all major policy decisions, passing directives designed to ensure the enforcement of those decisions down to lower-ranking government functionaries. Individual Thorgons advance through the hierarchy according to ability, as measured by tests. (Terran Intelligence Command has obtained some evidence indicating the scientists in charge of testing skew the results to ensure the CCC favors their views.)

Highly rigid and regimented, Thorgon society has a place and a purpose for everyone. The authorities eliminate persons without an important job to do. Worlds the Thorgons rule through native puppet governments, such as Kalisha, generally enjoy better conditions, though the threat of a total Thorgon takeover always exists.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
Skills: none
Feats: none
Powers: Super-Senses 1 (low light vision)
Cost: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 + Feats 0 + Powers 1 = 1 points

Vargr are a bipedal canine slightly smaller than a human. This species resembles Terran wolves because they are. Wolves taken from Terra were genetically manipulated by the Ancients to a bipedal form in an attempt to create suitable servants. The typical Vargr is about 1.6 meters in height and weighs approximately 60 kilograms. They are upright bipedal carnivores, rear limbs digitigrade, with hands very similar in size and appearance to those of a human, although there are significant internal differences. They have approximately the same physical parameters as humans and are able to use the same equipment without modification or additional instruction.

Abilities: +2 Constitution
Skills: Notice 2, Survival 2
Feats: Teamwork
Powers: Leaping 1, Supersenses 3 (extended hearing, scent, tracking [scent]) Strike 1 (claws)
Cost: Abilities 2 + Skills 1 (4 ranks) Feats 1 + Powers 5 = 9 points.

The name “Xenovore” still makes people shudder throughout the Imperium. Their constant attacks on all sentient speicies is renouned. However, they were ultimately reduced to a remnant of homeless wanderers after the destruction of their homeworld. Xenovores appear to derive from chasing hunters, but many Terran scientists believe they are the product of genetic engineering because of their ability to digest almost any kind of protein and their extremely tough physiology. Xenovores have both a chitinous shell and an internal skeleton, two hearts, and a deadly tail sting.

Traditional Xenovore society is based on a pack structure – small groups with intense personal loyalty to a leader. On a large scale this functioned as a kind of feudal system, giving tremendous unity and direction to their crusade to conquer other sentient species. Surviving Xenovore packs have no loyalty to anything beyond their group.

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution
Skills: Survival 4
Feats: All-out-Attack
Powers: Immunity 1 (digestion) (digest any type of protein), Protection 2 (skin), Strike 2 (claws) (DC 17) (mighty), Strike 2 (tail) (DC 17) (Penetrating) Tail: Additional Limb 1 (Innate. Improved Grapple feat)
Cost: Abilities 6 + Skills 1 (4 ranks) Feats 1 + Powers 11 = 19 points.

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